Nashville Love part 2: It’s Very Complicated

After reviewing Nashville’s ticking bombs, let’s check on the status of those who already went up in flames and the one who is currently exploding.

Nashville Love part 1: It’s complicated
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To grasp the gravity of the situation and get in the proper mood, first play “Black Roses”(especially that break-your-heart high note Scarlett took toward the end), then play “The best songs comes from broken heart” for about 100 times (it’s the normal proper amount for beginners) and then, when you’re sobbing and feel like everything is sad and beautiful at the same time play “Keep coming back” (thank me later for not suggesting “At the end of the day”), think what a beautiful song Deacon wrote to Rayna and for a minute you’ll have a shred of hope that these crazy kids will pull themselves together, until you’ll remember with horror that Deacon dedicated it to no other than Megan. Now, when you’re sad, emotional and pissed…start reading.

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Scarlett– Girl, you are a mess, but you know what? From all of Nashville’s train wrecks (Again, sorry Will) what you’re going through is not your fault. You didn’t repress anything, you didn’t lie or cheat. What you did was being a classic female caretaker in your early 20s with a gift that’s bigger than her and you were fed to the wolves without a safety net.

You know, one of the many reasons I stopped watching music realty shows is because I hate watching the “know it all” judges tell those kids that they don’t know who they are as musicians. Well, how can they? they’re just kids. They don’t even know themselves yet.

Scarr, my precious songbird, if you were like Will (or Juliette last season) and if all you cared about was success because you somehow thought it will shield you from whatever it is you were running away from, than I’d suggest a simple solution – assume someone else’s persona and pretend it’s your own.

Problem is, you’re not them. You need things to feel authentic and real. For you, like Rayna back in the days (and Juliette now) it’s a long, long road to independence.

When you tried to walk the copycat line it almost destroyed you. Well, why almost? It destroyed you. You used everything you have to get up on that stage and please everyone, but then you were left with nothing, beside that horrible sadness and indescribable emptiness that creeps inside after the effect of the adrenaline rush wears off.

As if that’s not bad enough, your best friend betrayed your trust, your artistic soul mate, Gunner, is a complete idiot that doesn’t realize the reason you’re hurt. He simply doesn’t understand that it’s all because his behavior cheapened everything you had together. And then there’s Avery..well, that’s just…life. You simply can’t go back and pretend you’re still in love. End of story, but still sad.

You changed so dramatically and you keep changing so fast and it’s hard to keep up with yourself.

And there’s more. Your mother with her mental problems, your uncle with his addiction problems and Rayna that gives great advices but doesn’t give you what you really need more than everything – more than fame, and music, and men and new wardrobe – motherly hug that comes not from mere compassion and empathy but from a place of unconditional love. It’s not her fault, since she’s not really your mother but it doesn’t matter, and so every time Rayna, your idol and mother figure (that also share a strange bond with Deacon your father figure) talks to you or worse, shows that she believes in you and expect great things from you it touches a nerve that just leaves you with a bigger void.

Energy pills? You can do so much worse.

All I ask of you, is that you keep breathing and forgive yourself no matter what the day will bring. You’re doing fine even if you think you’re not and even if some people say you’re ungrateful, spoiled and annoying.

I suggest to those people to look back at their own journey, and how hard it was to become their own person. I suggest them to acknowledge the fact that as much as it’s hard for everyone it’s harder for women, especially the care-takers with the artistic soul who feel everything with such intensity. Then, I suggest them to think about the fact that it’s no wonder that the “dead 27 club” is so large and suggest them to show some compassion.

As someone who, thank god, already completed that stage in her life all I can say is that there’s only one thing more painful and excruciating then watch Scarlett’s journey right now and that’s living it.

And Scarlett, one last thing, if you want to sleep with Liam – do it. Won’t judge. Promise. It’s LIAM!!!

I’m saving the best (or worse. Depends on your pespective) for last. So to finish the Nashville love odyssey with a bang click here for part 3…Rayna and Deacon are waiting.

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