Nashville Lists : 10 Hope for Nashville Season 3

To celebrate the return of our favorite show (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!) and the main cause for our mental instability we posted daily on our Facebook page the 10 main items of our Nashville season 3 wishlist. For those of you we missed it (or want to refresh their memory) here it is. Enjoy and remember to tune in LIVE tonight at 10/9C

10. More ZAG  Who knew in the beginning that Avery and Gunnar will get along and that together with Zoey they’ll form one of the coolest musical bands we’ve seen in a really long time? We sure didn’t

Each one of them (especially Gunnar and Avery) has such a distinct great sound but somehow, together, it seems that the sum is even greater than its parts. What we’re looking forward to see is the real struggle of making it as a group and how it effects each individually. We want to get more great songs and more performances like ‘Hennessee’ (by far one of the best performances in season 2) and if Rayna or even better in this case – Juliette would like to come and perform with them one time you won’t hear any complaint from us.

9. Will Lexington Falling In Love –  Unlike some other Nashville characters (we’ll get to them later) Will REALLY needs a love interest and by that we don’t mean a random hookup or someone Will is having a love/hate relationship like Brent, but an actual LOVE interest. Someone that will get under his skin and help him be “the best version of himself”. It’ll be really interesting to watch him fall in love in the most inconvenient time when he’s married to Layla, participating in a realty show, only ‘half’ out and still trying to make it in the not so gay-friendly Country music industry with an album that didn’t take him to where he wanted. These are all the ingredients for a great TV drama but more importantly for a never-been-done-before story that may inspire real life since there’s no real precedent for it yet in the country music industry.
We hope that this tortured cowboy will finally get the warm hug he deserve, smile for a change (and not just for show) and sing more songs like “Who I Am” that we still hum to ourselves when we’re sad late at night. We don’t know what Jeff Fordham will think of this kind of album, but we’ll sure buy it…and hey, Screw Jeff Fordham!

8. Behind The Scenes Fans Treats – One of Nashville greatest appeals to us is the fact that it comes across that Nashville is a labor of love for everyone involved. We can see it in the way everyone collaborated and fought for season 3, we see it in the Live Tweets (and the heart warming attempt of the cast and writers to become social media animals even when most of them are clearly not). We see it in the LIVE performances, the meets and greets….and in EVERY. SINGLE. FRAME on screen.

Nashville really is a love story between the city and the show and were completely smitten. Forget Deyna or Javery, we’re Nashville shippers (But also, go Deyna and Javery!).

That and the fact the we enjoy the show so much means that we’re ALL in. We’re completely invested in this original, creative, unique, once-in-a-generation show.

We’re so invested that the ones writing these lines are on their way right now to visit this city for the first time.

So what do we want? like when you’re in love and secretly (and not so secretly) all you want to talk about is the one you love – we want to talk and see all things Nashville.

We REALLY want more cast interviews about the characters and the production and everything involved. The interview TVline did with Hayden before the Emmys this years is an example for a good one. So show, please duplicate it to the others, because if we hear Connie being asked one more time about her hair, gorgeous as it is, or about if she really sings on Nashville, we’re gonna scream. Enough already! We’re interested in Rayna, not her hair!

The Paley Fast interview was also a really great one but it was more than a year ago. This cast is smart and funny and even more so when they all come together so please, use it! Our little fans hearts need it

On that note, we REALLY appreciate the fantastic Live tweets. Some of us even set up twitter and watch the show LIVE just for this alone.

Another thing we want (and other than that we’re really good) is new official cast photos and more behind the scenes selfies. I’m sorry, but there’s no way around it – we are fans and that’s what we do -stare. Yep, a little bit creepy, we know, but completely harmless.

One of the many great things about this show is that fans feel like in a way we’re part of it and there’s nothing we’d love more than to keep feeling this way and pay it forward.

7. Satirizing the Country Music World (& Showbiz in general) – Nashville is a very dramatic show but also a VERY funny one. What makes it funny is it’s good portion of self awareness and irony. This blend, between emotional drama and witty comedy is one of Nashville’s greatest charms and we just LOVE It!
It took the show some time to find the right balance between these aspects of the show but we feel that by the end of season 2 the show finally hit it’s stride and we have high hopes for season 3.
We also have high hopes for all the critics and haters to finally discover the beauty and charm of this unique mix and get on board with the rest of us.

This mix we’re taking about is mostly evident when the show focuses on the music industry and showbiz in general. That’s where Nashville truly shines! There it’s edgy, satirical, (important), interesting and funny as hell.
What we want in season 3 is more of it, much more!

We want less talk about business but more stories where our characters make business. We want more behind the scenes moments that convey the dichotomy between public and private image for some and the alarming lack of it for others. We want creative artistic struggles.
We are very excited about the rumors that the show plans to explore more the effect of social media on marketing artists and think it’s about time. That’s because it’s a show about people that chose to put themselves out there, in the public eye for their art and these phenomenons are bound to have a tremendous effect on them.

We live in a world where almost everyone wants to be famous and almost everyone has the tools that can turn them into such, so the question of how does it affect people that in order to get exposure for their work must become famous is quite a brutal way is fascinating. It’s especially interesting to compare between the effect it has on already established artists that know there’s another way to expose their work (but know that this work isn’t relevant anymore) and between young artists that were born into it and don’t know any different realty.

In a world when everyone wants to be famous what happens to those that can’t do their job without being famous?

There is lots of new research on the matter and there were documentaries about it but we prefer the Nashville way.

So bring on the eye rolling, witty comebacks, corporate battles, ego clashes and identity crisis. Who knows, maybe by the end of the season, even Deacon will finally understand all this twittering thing.


6. Hot Men Playing The Guitar- There are some good, serious substantial reasons for why we watch Nashville. There are also some REALLY shallow ones like Juliette pricelessfacial expressions, Rayna’s coolness (and general perfection), the anticipation during every single episode for someone to say ‘give me a minute’. You know, stuff like that.
And yes, there’s another shallow reason…the men of Nashville, Preferably playing an instrument (don’t get any ideas y’all) and performing.

The men of Nashville, mostly covered in uneven facial hair and a tormented scruffy look, are an indication that there’s a majority of female writers in the writers room and we couldn’t be more grateful for that! Actually we’re very grateful for this for many not so shallow reasons, but to us, it’s also a proof for an unspoken understanding between us and them.

What can we say? Nashville writers know us! And they spoil us through the little things like making sure Deacon will be shirtless while he’s falling off the wagon because otherwise it’ll be too painful or making sure Liam pops up on our screen when we lose faith in humanity.
They just know how we love our men. And yes, we’re open to a little more variation in the racial diversity front (and have major girl crushes on the females on the cast) but other than that we’re good!
Thanks for that! Very appreciated
So bring on the bromance, the limited communication skills, the endless confusion, the broken hearts, the one outfit fit all wardrobe, the sensitivity, loyalty and the sad puppy eyes. Bring on the charisma, the passion, and the humor. Bring Liam back if you can because he makes us a little weak in the knees)…and leave your shirts at home.

Whah? Told ya’ we are shallow 🙂

5.  The End of The Insignificant Others Curse – There are some great couples on Nashville. Only problem is that as of now, none of them is together. Moreover it seems that breaking up in Nashville usually means getting what we the fans call (not so) fondly ‘An Insignificant Other’. Meaning, a romantic plot device. Someone like Stacey, Dante or our beloved Liam.
Only that in Nashville these ‘Insignificant Others’ NEVER SEEMS TO LEAVE !!! And if that’s not enough they can even become regulars.Enter Luke Wheeler. 

There’s a special place in fan-hell for the Rayna and Luke coupling. His character started off as 6 episodes guest appearance to be Rayna’s coping-mechanism and also give her taste of the things she missed out when her life with Deacon were tarnished by alcoholism.
One might think these lessons can be learned in 6 episodes. Well, one might but none of these “ones” is associated with Nashville in any way because not only is Luke Wheeler still there, but he’s also engaged to Rayna and not going anywhere.
If only it was something that we wanted, but it wasn’t. We were set up to mistrust him at first and then to develop amnesia and think he’s the perfect man and then to root for him and Rayna because as it turns out he’s also got issues and have always loved Rayna. Well writers, we may be a little fickle but not THAT fickle and we can feel that you’re trying too hard and frankly we feel a little manipulated and don’t like it one bit.

True, you’re really good at what you do so it may work on some, but for the others, the majority, it will only do the opposite and it’s a shame.

It’s a shame because the foundations, the core relationships are just PERFECT and also because we believe this type of direction can really jeopardize the chances for season 4 and there’s nothing more sacred to us than that.

Not even the men of Nashville. Shirtless. Playing the guitar. Crying.

See how serious we are??!!

So what we really want to see this season is guest stars that stay as long as their story requires and not a minute longer. We want to see the show delve into the meaningful significant relationships and derive it’s romantic drama from there. We want Juliette and Avery to slowly find their way back to each other. We want Scarlett  and Gunnar to at least work together. We want Rayna and Deacon (…we’ll get to it later:)) and we REALLY want to see Rayna and Luke break up!! We promise to enjoy every second of it and tell ALL our friends (we’re even ready to harass people on the street for it).


4. Rayna and Deacon!!!!! – Don’t pretend like you didn’t know this was coming
Yes, there’s much more to Rayna and Deacon than their great love story. Yes, Nashville is much more than great love stories and yes, even when speaking about love stories, they’re not the only couple on Nashville we root for.

But, there’s just something special about this particular love story and this particular dynamic that keeps us glued to the screen and makes us so emotionally invested.

Why is that? Partially it’s thanks to the acting and the insane on-screen chemistry between Connie Britton and Charles Esten. Partially, it’s because we’re all suckers for romance and great love stories.

But that’s not all of it. Not even close.

Nashville would not have worked if it was a show just about the strive for power and success. The beauty of Nashville is that in the heart of it there’s art and the pure love for music. So the characters are constantly conflicted one way or another between these two ends of the music business spectrum. Rayna and Deacon reflect this conflict: Rayna is a businesswoman who’s also an artist at heart and Deacon is an artist who’s having a love/relationship with the business side of things. That creates constant tension between these two characters but also incredible beauty and perfect harmony. After all, them and music – there’s no difference.

Rayna and Deacon are a fascinating exploration of artistic life because their story walks on the fine thin line between love and addiction, passion and obsession and we can’t get enough. It’s honest, real, deep, passionate, funny at times and oh, so moving. It’s basically the best country song we’ve ever heard.

And you know what? there’s more because both of them are also, in general, a rare sight on TV. A couple in their 40s that gives all the younger couples a run for their money. The depth, the history, the complexity, the many different sides of it and the beauty that only long term relationship has. It’s so grounded in the history and true nature of these characters that there’s nothing superficial about even the most trivial interaction between them.
How often do we get to see THAT? Almost never!
And that a dynamic like that will also be that sexy, passionate, raw, and real and have such a fantastic musical score to accompany it, shed a light on it and guide us through it? Well, that NEVER happens.

What we want is for the show to fully delve into this rich dynamic. We already know very well about the things that pulled them apart. We had a full season about it. Now we want an exploration of the things that pull them together, so we want to see Rayna and Deacon as artists, performers, friends, exes with a complicated history, lovers, soul mates, parents (and the list just goes on and on) and we want to see it all without any distractions! Seriously, no more interrupting Megan and we already covered the Luke problem. Show, these false roadblocks are REALLY testing our patience!

We want to watch them slowly rebuild their trust and face the challenges of being together. There’s so much drama in that alone and more importantly there’s so much heart and soul in it.

We want Rayna and Deacon to write songs and perform together, we want to watch them facing the challenges of the attempt to raise a family and co-parent with their demanding careers, their stubbornness, their demons that keep resurfacing and their restless nature.

We want to watch the passion, the chemistry, the physical attraction and all of these things that make the sparks fly so high between them.

When it comes to co-parenting, we can’t wait for the first time Deacon’s gonna pick up Maddie from a party drunk, Rayna talking about love with Maddie and both Rayna, Deacon (and Teddy) bail Maddie out of Jail. That’s even before we even started talking about Maddie’s musical aspirations. See? We’re excited already just from thinking about it

Yes, I think it’s safe to say we want Rayna and Deacon! Capisce?

3. Rayna and Juliette Take Over The World – Give it up for the BEST couple on the show!
In the beginning of Nashville it was more likely that Rayna would prefer to flush Juliette’s head down the toilet than hold her hair above it..but thankfully we’re past that (we think). These days they’re on the same side and we couldn’t be happier.
The real Country music world is, traditionally, a male dominant world but one of the best and inspiring things Nashville did it turn this world upside down and put two (incredible) women at the front.
That makes this relationship one of the key relationships on the show (if not THE key relationship) and we can’t wait for the show to fully delve into it and explore it.
We want to watch the sparks fly: We want Rayna and Juliette to team up and take down Jeff Fordham and others like him. We want them to roll their eyes at each other and have witty dialogues. We want them to sing together (and even go on tour again) and we want them to have each other’s back when needed.
Rayna and Juliette understand each other on many levels. Both are artists at heart, both ambitious and restless, both try to navigate as women in the ever changing and highly competitive music industry and both understand loss.
All of that means they can really learn from each other. We really enjoy to watch Juliette force Rayna out of her comfort zone and watch Rayna mentoring Juliette even when the latter refuse to listen.
Nevertheless, we don’t want or need them to be best friends! In fact, we’re a little tired of the constant need to categorize women as either best friends or enemies especially when what it really means is that women are either saints or witches. Well, guess whet? their neither, they’re just human beings.
Rayna and Juliette are colleagues and that’s good enough for us! We want them to try and combine their very different personalities, life philosophies and fan-bases and try to make this work. We also want them to argue when they don’t see eye to eye.
This dynamic is fun, funny, empowering, interesting, raw and very real.
We have faith in the power of this partnership. So much so that we believe that if they ever drove together over a cliff they would miraculously leap and reach to the other side unharmed.


2.Music, Music and More Music! – Was there EVER a bad song on Nashville ?? we don’t think so! When it comes to music, Nashville has no competitors. The quality of the songs, the way it broaden our musical horizons and give us a taste of the real Nashville and the way each of the songs is incorporated in the show to tell a story and to make us believe it was written by one of the characters are a big part of the show’s charm and pure brilliance.

That’s because they turn Nashville from a show about music to a show that IS music.
We know the characters not only by their actions but also by their songs and distinct sound. We follow and understand the main arc not only by the plot and dialogues but also by the way a certain/series of songs tells it.
We want more songs to fill our playlists, more full performances (don’t worry about our attention span, we’re good), more stories about writing songs, more big arena tour performances and more intimate Bluebird ones; more songs that tell arcs like “A Life That’s Good” and “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave”, more ‘On The Record’ episodes (and this season, can we please get also Connie and Hayden to appear in it?), more duets with new couples and more duets with old couples; another special like the “On The Record” special at the Ryman that was simply FANTASTIC (featuring also Connie and Lennon and Maisey this time please), another tour by the cast that maybe will add some new destinations…and basically more….Nashville

Oh, one last thing if we’re on the matter: Can you please release ‘Already Gone’ and ‘Stomping Ground’? We’ll really appreciate it!

1. You Nashies

We all watch Nashville because we LOVE the show it but it’s only half the fun to do it alone! Live tweet the episodes, discussions in forums and groups, getiting to know other fans – it’s all part of the whole viewing experience.

It’s also an important part of what keeps the show alive. Only couple of days ago it was published that Nashville is the no.2 buzzed returning show. That’s amazing and it’s all thanks to all of us fans. Let’s make it to no. 1 and stay there…lord knows we don’t want to go through ANOTHER renewal drama like last season. This year, ABC is going to renew us first! (ok, maybe after Scandal :))

On our part, we’re going to be here all season long to talk Nashville. We’ll share with you our thoughts and feelings and some speculations. We’ll laugh, cry and probably vent every once in a while when someone or something REALLY gets on our nerves (looking at you ABC promo department, Luke Wheeler’s well, everything at this point and Deacon’s new “muse”…).

We’ll do our best to make this page interesting, fun, informative and reliable as possible and REALLY hope y’all join us and take part in the activity here.

We appreciate your feedback at any point.

To tell you the truth, we can hardly contain our excitement for the upcoming season. Thank you so much for the interest you show in this page and…HAPPY NASHVILLE SEASON 3 Y’ALL

So now prepare to couch position and get ready because Nashville IS ON TONIGHT!!

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