Six Lessons We Learned From Nashville – Episode 3.08 – ‘You’re Looking at Country’ 

Very soon the two weeks wait for a new Nashville episode will be over and according to the promo and the sneak peek for Nashville – Episode 3.09 – ‘Two Sides to Every Story’ all of Nashville will be covered in Christmas lights, Rayna will be gorgeous and sing, Juliette will visit Deacon and Deacon will be ten different kinds of pissed but still find time to tell Rayna he loves her (swoon).

In order to be fully prepared for this episode we need to remember what happened in the last one so here are six valuable lessons (the number of Rayna’s awards) we learned from Nashville’s last episode:

1. “I’m pretty sure this is the men’s room” – When Rayna entered the men’s room without hesitation after Luke the first thing he said to her is that ‘it’s the men’s room’. Yes, we can take it literal but when we think about it it’s also quite an accurate description to their relationship: Rayna disturbing “the natural order” of things by stepping into the “boys club” and by that smashing the glass ceiling without blinking. Men's club

Luke may have been attracted to it at first but as the air gets thinner and thinner at the top he also (not so) secretly resenting her for it. That’s because at the end of the day, Luke would prefer equality to be a little less equal when it comes to his household.

The difference between Rayna and Luke was evident throughout the entire episode. Rayna never apologized for being in the boys club and owned her success but she also never lost sight of the fact that they are partners and equals.

But Rayna did more than this. She was pissed and hurt, but she was respectful of him and didn’t dismiss his feelings. She made it very clear that this behavior is not acceptable but also showed empathy to his weakness. She basically did him the courtesy of treating him as a grownup and an equal full partner. This is exactly how she would have wanted him (and her other previous partners) to treat her. Equality sure comes with a price, Luke, and that price is that you have to be at least as big as your hats to handle it. Yes, Luke, you should have brought your other hat.

2. “We are who we learn from” – On Nashville we get lots of shots of Juliette looking at the mirror. When she looks at herself and others through a mirror it’s usually from a place of self-hatred and insecurity. That in itself is not surprising since we know that Juliette is much more than a self-absorb person and that in the heart of her behavior lay a huge emotional void and a constant need to prove herself.10257929_576248952475884_8640468276916782135_o

This episode there was a scene when Juliette prepared to go on stage and present that started the same way and it seemed for a second that they both are about to fall into their bad habits, but there was one huge difference and that the facing starring back at them from the mirror wasn’t just themselves. This time it gave them an opportunity to see beyond themselves and also look at each other! That small change led them both to say out loud the harshest things they can think about themselves but also helped them get passed it. That’s because they were also looking at each other. For Juliette, Avery is her true good mirror and vice versa. Maybe that’s how you become the best version of yourself-learning where to look and who to look at.

3. “Ball and Chains? It’s when you’re stuck with somebody– What can I say? Zunnar grew on me and I really felt for Zoey when she ‘chose for Gunnar’ but still, the saddest moment for me was the one when Gunnar stared for a moment at his award and subsequently, at yet another missed opportunity to shine. At some point last season Gunnar explained to Zoey that the problem in his relationship with Scarlett was that it was all together: living together, working together and being romantically involved. But looking at his life it seems that Gunnar is (again) wrong. Gunnar really tries hard to separate his private life and his personal but he always fails. One of the reasons for it that Gunnar, at heart, is a family man.normal_nsh308_1910

He’s sometimes clueless and quite an idiot and he really wants to succeed but his best work and his best moments in life come when he combines everything together. After all, he tried to make it on his own for a long time but what brought “the good music out of him” was the right collaboration, friendship and love. So what he needs to do is find a way to fully combine those elements again (not combine it only when he feels like it) and commit to it. That will be messy, but it will also be a way for him to stop missing out on his success…and hey, Scarlett just said she hated feeling lonely on stage so you do the math.

4. “I didn’t want to be famous like that” – Layla really grown this season and what’s interesting about her relationship with Will is that both of them really do want the same things in life: Both want to make it as artists. Both also don’t believe that being themselves will actually get them there.CHRIS CARMACK, AUBREY PEEPLESThe result is, as we know, that they are ‘actors in their own lives’ but in contrast to Will that mastered this act to almost perfection (and by doing so gave up on love completely) Layla’s heart simply CAN’T HANDLE IT. In a way it seems that her behavior now is a manifestation of the mess inside Will’s mind and heart that he keeps escaping from.The thing is that despite the lie in their marriage they’re still together and that means that whatever happens to Layla will eventually effect Will, so when Layla crack, that also means no more escaping for Will.The breakdown of Layla is the direct result of Will’s choice to live a lie and it will sure be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

5. “Congrats Ray, Much deserved” – Told you before texting IS the solution for all the problems on Nashville! Thank god Deacon got the memo.

6. “It’s six for six” – Don’t get me wrong. It was great (!!!) watching Rayna Jaymes win all those awards and receive her much deserved moments at the spotlight as well as so much love and support from everyone but it was also a sad reminder to the fact that the brilliant actress behind this wonderful character – Connie Britton, never got that kind of recognition. So please, GIVE CONNIE BRITTON AN EMMY ALREADY!!


7. Bonus lesson: Teddy is an idiot!


  1. So very well written and analyzed! The Luke and Rayna lesson is so good and you really show how Rayna is the best person here, superior, and actually a very sympathetic person, treating Luke way better than he deserves, without giving up herself. Although she does it with a bit, or a chunk, of sadness. Being determined is a tough job!

    Gunnar sure is a bit of a mess, and doesn’t really get it together, and I think his storylines are often a bit fast and sketchy. Wonder what the rest of the season will have in store for him and I hope it is something longer that sets him on a journey.

    Deacon certainly got the memo, and Teddy doesn’t get any memos at all! But he is not an idiot 🙂 He is just scared and confused. He really lost his way after divorcing Rayna, and while she set out a course and follows it adamantly, he has no idea of where he is going. I wish he will figure it out!


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