Nashville Gets US: “I Love You, Dad”

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale this week (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far. Amy (@amygeurdenchose the tender and delicate moment of Deacon and Maddie just before he went on tour. Did you love this moment as well? Share your thoughts with us and follow us for more great moments coming your way.

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I really loved the scene in episode 3.03 ‘I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life’ with Deacon and Maddie saying goodbye, because it’s such a bittersweet moment. It really shows how far their father/daughter relationship has come since last season, when they were still a little awkward in trying to figure out where they stood with each other. Deacon has evolved so much in learning how not only to be a dad, but a parent. We’ve seen him come a long way since the days when he felt he wasn’t built to be anyone’s father, and he truly puts Maddie’s happiness before anything else. This is so evident with this scene, that he hates seeing her sad, and tries to reassure her that everything will be fine.


Maddie’s “I love you, Dad” seems like a huge step for them that she really has accepted him as a parent just as equal to Rayna and Teddy. Maddie seems like she has a different dynamic with him than she has with Rayna and Teddy. As a teenage girl, having a mother who is a superstar has to be very high expectations for her to feel like she has to live up to. I think Deacon as her dad makes her feel a different kind of expectations. She respects all three of her parents, but he is the one she worries most about disappointing. Deacon seems to be the one who understands best the hold music has on her. He has a no-holds barred way of telling her like it is, but at the same time he’s good at trying to steer her down the right path.

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  1. Those Deacon Maddie interactions sure are precious!!! Deacon is turning into a great dad! Of course he does not really have the full on responsibilities, which makes it easier, but he is exactly the parent Maddie needs right now. Love it!

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