Nashville Gets Us: “I Need to Nothing You”

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale this week (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far and we’re kicking it off with an excellent and yet heartbreaking Juliette and Avery moment. Heather (@lostinsuburbia) Chose this moment and explains why it’s so special and meaningful. Did you love this moments as well? Share your thoughts with us and follow us for more great moments coming your way.

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“When I think of the Nashville scene that has touched me the most so far this season, one immediately comes to my mind. It was at the end of Episodoe 3.04- ‘I Feel Sorry For Me’ (written by Debra Fordham) when Juliette get (drunk) Avery out of jail.

Avery walks outside, Juliette following him. He looks so broken, it was impossible not to really feel what he said, what he was going through.
“I need to nothing you”, he said to her and we could see that his heart is broken and he’s all in pain.

Haven’t we all felt that at some point about somebody? Haven’t we all wished we could just fast forward through the pain of a breakup or a betrayal and get to the other side? Get to the part where we know what the lesson was in all of it, and we can be happy again?
Jonathan Jackson’s acting is always impeccable, but in that scene? He had me in tears – not only because of what Avery was going through in that moment, but because his words so perfectly captured what I’d been through once upon a time, and the pain in his eyes expressed that feeling I wish was long forgotten, but creeps up on me every so often”.

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