Nashville Gets Us: ‘They Just Disappear’

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale this week (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far. This time it’s an editor’s pick, meaning mine, Shira (@ZmanShira)…and there will be more (Couldn’t help myself J) .This time I chose Juliette’s performance of ‘Disappear’ in episode 3X07 – ‘I’m Coming Home to You’. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us and follow for more great moments coming your way. 

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This episode featured some of my favorite songs to date on Nashville like Rayna’s ‘Lies of The Lonely’ and Layla’s ‘Blind’ but this song and the scene around it got a special place in my heart.

We hear the first chords of ‘Disappear’ already at the end of the previous scene when Will and Layla are about to enter the premiere of their realty show. None of them really want to enter as they are both feel like “actors in their own lives” but they do it anyway. They go out of the car and disappear in the crowd. Then we see Juliette in her living room recording this song in one of the most intimate recording sessions we’ve ever seen on Nashville:

“Like a drop of rain falling in the sea

Or an ocean full of memories

I’ve seen this like take what I love

And had the wind blow it so far from me

Like everything I love slips through my hands like water, like sand

It reminds me of the waves, they crash and roll away

And they just disappear…”

Sometime in the middle of it all Avery stops by to deliver the crib with the heart sign on the box (very subtle, Nashville) and see her, with pure love in his eyes. When Juliette notice his presence in the room she stops but it’s already out there.

The way Avery and Juliette reconnect through music is fantastic (!!!) but that’s not why I chose this scene. I chose this moment because from the edit that start the song in the previous scene, through the strong performances and us getting to watch characters change and evolve through music, all of this combined are the Nashville storytelling way in its best.

It’s smart, its original and it goes straight to the heart. I could feel all the characters and empathize with them all, let it resonate into my own life and it’s all thanks to the beauty of a song and the smart use in it.

Also, as much as I love Hayden’s voice (and I love it and her in general), I LOVE the original performer (and co-writer) of this song and some of my favorite Nashville songs to date – Jaida Dreyer (that I have Nashville to thank for introducing me to her) so here’s also her original demo.


  1. I do love this scene too! I think it was because it was so nice seeing Juliette, as you say, in such an intimate setting, and that she did exactly what Rayna told her. To write songs based on what she was feeling, and experiencing now. And scene did not become worse when Avery came in and saw it of course. And the exchange about the crib was so awkwardly adorable.

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