Nashville Gets Us: ‘Choose Highway 65, Choose me’

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale TONIGHT!! (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far. Nina Johnson chose to write about Rayna’s speech to Sadie Stone in episode 3.04- ‘I Feel Sorry For Me’ 

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When I was asked to choose a favorite moment from this season the first that came to my mind was Rayna and Sadie singing at the Ryman ‘Gasoline and Matches’. I loved the song, the way their voices blend and their energy together. They looked like they are having fun. But then I thought that what made this moment so great is also the fact that Sadie signed with Rayna and not with Jeff and that I was already excited by it thanks to the awesome speech Rayna gave to her.

All this episode is like a race and everyone’s trying to get ahead and use all kind of tricks. Rayna almost misses the opportunity because of Juliette Barnes and her pregnancy scare, but at the end she cancels all her plans and comes to talk to Sadie. I loved that she did it even though she heard Sadie already agreed to sign with Edgehill because it was THAT important and I loved that she told her the truth and was honest.

Fan about another great Rayna Jaymes speech 


My favorite part was the last one when she said: ‘Choose Highway 65, choose me’. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard it was Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy that asked Derek to choose her and love her. Here, it’s not romantic and Rayna is not asking Sadie to love her but to trust her with her career and it’s just as honest and real and no less important. It’s just that we get to see lots of romantic “choose me” but we don’t get too much of the second kind, defiantly not between women (unless it’s a trap). It’s really refreshing.

I want a Rayna Jaymes in my life too. 

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