How a show called Nashville changed my life!

It’s a great pleasure to recommend a new blog and even a greater one when the first post is a wonderful post about ‘Nashville’ and ‘Nashville Forever’ gets a shout out. Go Tora!

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Tora on TV and Things

The last week of October, on autumn school break, I brought my husband and two daughters, 9 and 13 years old, to Nashville.  We had the most fabulous vacation, quite unexpected, and I’d thought I’d tell you how we ended up there, and how a TV show can impact lives, my life! IMG_0965

I’ve always been TV and movie buff, but I must admit, the number of hours spent in front of a TV or in a movie theater had seriously decreased the last couple of years. I lost a bit of interest in movies, and although TV was getting better and better (and more and more), since the TV and only laptop always seemed to be occupied by the kids, I found myself watching less and less.

So it was really by accident, in January 2013, I saw a TV panel discuss new shows coming the Swedes way. One in…

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