The Nashville Characters Defense: Gunnar Scott – Can’t Get It Right

We all watch Nashville for various reasons. One of those reasons is the very complex characters. We all have our favorites. The ones we feel, understand and identify with the most. Sometime it’s a character who remind us of us, sometimes it’s a character that embody qualities we appreciate and maybe even admire and sometimes it’s a character that just touch a soft place in our hearts. All the characters on Nashville have flaws and we all found ourselves wanting to hug them, yell at them or roll our eyes at them like they were real people.

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Perhaps the best way to summarize Gunnar Scott‘s journey so far on Nashville is by using the title of one of his songs from season 2: ‘Can’t Get It Right’.

Gunnar Scott tries all the time to get it right but somehow it all slips through his fingers. He gets so close to the things he wants and strives for, but then something happens and it’s taken away from him, at least partially.

He tried to make it as a solo performer and a songwriter but at first it didn’t work and then it worked only when he did it as a collaboration either with Scarlett or with ZAG but it made him depended on them so when he fell apart after his brother died and when the relationships went sour, the collaborations and his chances were gone. When he finally did make it as songwriter (thanks to a little help from Scarlett) and even got a CMA award he missed his big moment thanks to a family crisis and right after Zoey breaks up with him.

In his love life it’s the same. Gunnar falls in love with Scarlett but when they finally get together, grief comes between them and he loses her. He falls in love again, with Zoey this time, but she wants other things.

They say that ‘timing is everything’ and when it comes to Gunnar it seems that when it comes to his own dreams and desires it’s never the right time.

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So why can’t Gunnar just catch a break? After all, he’s not an addict like Deacon. He doesn’t fall for the wrong women like Luke or Teddy. He doesn’t run away from himself like Will. He’s just a young and talented musician trying to make it in Nashville.Watty-Scarlett-Gunnar-Nashville-102.gif

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Is it just bad luck? After all, life is unfair and as for music – it’s a competitive business and so many talented artists never even get the opportunities Gunnar did get.

But Amy (@amygeurden) thinks that if we focus on that and root for Gunnar just because we always love to root for the underdog we’re are missing the point.

Amy thinks that Gunnar’s story has nothing to do with the harsh reality of the music and dating world but in his inability to put down roots that he desperately needs without cutting off his own wings or the wings of the people around him. In a way, she says, what stands in Gunnar’s way is that his big heart doesn’t know how to function when it’s constantly craving for family and roots but at the same time craving for independence and recognition as an individual. In other words, according to Amy, Gunnar Scott can’t get it right because he’s still learning how to live.

When we look at him from this perspective suddenly lots of the things that happen in his life are not a coincidence or an accident but lessons of life. We see that Gunnar is experimenting with the idea of home and partnerships in ways that forces him to confront over and over his fear of abandonment, his survivor’s guilt and his pre-convictions on the concept of home and family.

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Continue and read Amy’s words:

Nashville-Gunnar-Dad“The first thing I want to say about Gunnar Scott is that he’s probably, to my opinion, the most well-intentioned of any of the guys on the show, even if his actions are slightly misdirected. It is so sweet watching him try to be a good dad to this boy that was literally just dropped on him with no notice, and you have to give him credit for trying to do what he thinks is right.

Gunnar definitely tends to dive into things, often without thinking the consequences all the way through.

We always see him jump in with both feet, proposing to Scarlett in season 1, buying that giant house, wanting to fly Zoey to Paris for dinner, wanting to buy a motorcycle. Even in this season: The very first glimpse of him we got, he was impulsively jumping into the backseat of Scarlett’s car. So when a girl he hasn’t seen in 10 years comes along and says “hey, this is your kid,” Gunnar accepts that it must be true without a second glance.

The guy simply has the biggest heart, and you have to love him for that.

Even when Kiley’s parents finally do show up, Gunnar tries to make the best of the situation, and we finally get an idea of IMG_20141014_170013what his life with his brother must have been like. Gunnar never had much of a family, and I think he just wants so badly to put down roots and feel like he belongs somewhere. He tried to bring Zoey into that dream, but I don’t think he and Zoey were ever on the same path. All Gunnar’s roads will always lead home, and Zoey’s were pointing away from it. It seems rather symbolic in the way that he hijacked Scarlett’s road trip, because he brought her back down that road home.

Gunnar takes everything to heart, so personally, and feels everything so deeply, and this comes out in the songs he writes. He tries to find best in everyone, but especially he brings out the best in Scarlett. They are two old souls who don’t quite fit anywhere else except with each other. In moments of weakness or sadness, I think their souls will always seek each other out. The scene at the end of the finale with Scarlett holding out her hand was so powerful, because they both need each other for different reasons right now.


If Gunnar decides to fight to keep Micah, he needs to take a step back a little and consider why he’s doing it, because it won’t bring his brother back or erase the scars from his own childhood.

And most importantly, someone needs to tell Gunnar that it’s okay to have roots AND wings. You can stay grounded and have a family (some day! Not now, Gunnar!), and still chase your dreams and be successful.

I think Gunnar has a long road of self-discovery ahead of him for the last half of the season, and hopefully he has Scarlett there to hold his hand. You’re one of the good ones, Gunnar. We know you don’t give up on the people you love. So we’re certainly not giving up on you.

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  1. Great text! And I definitely agree! Gunnar has a big heart, but still somewhat childishly and naive. A bit immature actually. Probably as you say, cause he hasn’t figured out about the roots AND wings yet! 😂😂😂 That you not only can have both, you NEED both. Love it!!!

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