Nashville ‘Family Album’ – This Is Our Song!

Nashville fans are no longer just a demo group – we’re a family and like any self respected one, we stick together. 

About Nashville Forever

Last Wednesday, during the live broadcast of the latest Nashville episode we decided add something a little different to the social media party that took place. The idea was that each fan will tweet/post to ABC Network a request to promote Nashville and renew it for fourth season while adding personal details such as name, age, state/country and even a photo. In a time where all that matter is trends and bottom lines we wanted to show the names and faces behind the numbers and say that we’re here to stay – we’re not invisible and know what we want – a fourth season for Nashville and a fair chance from ABC to use the use as something more than a platform to promote their other shows and talents so that the show will stay on air beyond season 4.

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And there was another thing – we wanted to do it for us. You see, Nashville may be a specific city in the state of Tennessee but its fans can be found all over the world and somehow the magic of music and human stories brought them together and created a very special virtual family and that’s something worth celebrating, right?

Watching our feeds fill with photose and tweets and retweets, reading all the comments on our page and other pages and seeing how so many fans, with seemingly nothing in common but the show, being so invested was something quite moving. Guess music does bring people together and it does it in the most beautiful way possible.

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So to mark the occasion of the end of Nashville’s season 3 production, thank from the bottom of our heart to the cast, crew and writers that create this brilliant show that enters our homes and our hearts every week and engaging with in such a genrous way, celebrate Nashville’s wonderful vibrant worldwide fans community and say it very clearly that we’re here to stay for the long run here’s our first family album (Sadly due to technical issues we couldn’t fit ALL the photos but hopefully it will be fixed it soon). It’s us the fans owning our membership in the Nashville fans club and welcoming ALL (especially ABC and Disney) to join the club.

To all our amazing fellow fans that took part and tweeted, emailed, send photos, commented facebooked and even learned how to use new apps – thank you so much!! We’re proud to be part of this community alongside with you…and stay tuned because there’s much more to come! Here’s to a fantastic end to a great season and to Nashville season 4 🙂


Nashville Forever



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