Nashville Gets Us: A Life That’s Actually Quite Funny

Nashville season 3 will come to an end this Wednesday May 13, 10/9c on ABC and we at Nashville Forever choose to mark the occasion by being a little nostalgic and celebrating the (great!) season that was.

Therefore, as we try to emotionally prepared for the finale and the LONG summer hiatus, we’re posting during this week here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter some of your picks for Nashville season 3 favorite moments (for details click HERE). We also asked some of our favorite contributors to this site during the passing year to choose their favorite moments, the ones that made them look at the screen and say, “This is why I love this show. This is why Nashville gets me”. 

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Tora‘s second choice for ‘Nashville season 3 favorite moments‘ is not a moment per se as she chose to write about Avery’s comic side that was elevated to a new level during season 3.

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An actor that took me by surprise this season is Jonathan Jackson. He just cracked me up at some scenes that I don’t even think were supposed to be funny! Of course we already knew Jonathan Jackson is funny. Remember in episode 2×07 “She’s Got You’ (Written by Debra Fordham) when Avery tried to teach Deacon How to not flap his arms while singing without a guitar, or at least how to flap them in a somewhat cooler way?

The rest of that season didn’t give Avery too many comic scenes but it didn’t matter because it seems that Jonathan AveryChairJackson doesn’t necessarily need a funny scene to make Avery funny.

Ok, so the first scene where I remember laughing out loud this season, was probably supposed to be funny. In Episode 3×11 ‘I’m Not That Good At Goodbye (again, written by Debra Fordham) poor Gunnar was very upset about not being Micah’s father and Avery had to admit that his worries were of another kind, the kind where you get upset over…

a chair.

Then there was this scene in Chicago in episode 3×16 ‘I Can’t Keep Away From You’ (Written by Taylor Hamra) when Gunnar and Avery need to help Scarlett get out of her Twitter destructive mood. Gunnar seemed to know exactly what to do about that and immediately said, ”If you want them to listen to you, then, maybe you are going about it the wrong way, right?”

NeddMoreAvery2When he said it he looked at Avery but Avery was just so slow, put on the most quizzical expression and said,” I need a little bit more than that” he said to Gunnar. Gunnar answered, “Go get the guitars!” and Avery jumped from his seat and went…I’m on the floor laughing now!

In episode 3×21 ‘Is the Better Part Over?’ (Written by Meredith Lavender and Marcie Ulin) both Scarlett and Gunnar are stressed about getting up on stage together replacing Deacon at the Bluebird. This is not particularly funny really, since Deacon is a no-show because his sickness has become public.

Scarlett is sad about Deacon and feels uncomfortable around Gunnar in general these days, so it’s kind of a tense scene all around until you see the look on Avery’s face when he manages to get ignored first by Scarlett and then by Gunnar rushing by him. His expression is priceless and this is just proof of that no one else makes comic magic like Jonathan Jackson with nothing else but very subtle facial expressions.

And this is another thing I just love about this show, how it’s able to mix those breathtaking intense scenes with some funny moments all into one, and how the acting is just so precise and brilliant!

Bonus: When Avery isn’t funny or sensitive he’s VERY cool. Here he is in one of the best (and so far the last) Triple Xs performances this season – ‘On The Rail‘.


  1. Tora, you are so right!! Jonathan Jackson has been sooo funny this season and the fact that Avery’s personality is also fairly intense, just makes the comedic turns more ingenious!

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