Nashville Gets Us: When Love Gives You A Way Out

Nashville season 3 will come to an end TONIGHT, 10/9c on ABC and we at Nashville Forever choose to mark the occasion by being a little nostalgic and celebrating the (great!) season that was.

Therefore, as we try to emotionally prepared for the finale and the LONG summer hiatus, we’re posting during this week here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter some of your picks for Nashville season 3 favorite moments. We also asked some of our favorite contributors to this site during the passing year to choose their favorite moments, the ones that made them look at the screen and say, “This is why I love this show. This is why Nashville gets me”. 

Tyana chose to write about the moment Will Lexington FINALLY feel in love and said it to the right person – the one he loves.

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WillTellsKevin4Season 3 of Nashville has brought forth so many amazing moments; one of my favorites has to be Will laying his heart on the line as he confesses his feelings towards Kevin Bicks.

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Will has been on a long journey for two and a half seasons now, fighting with himself and trying to figure out who he is. Gradually he has come to accept his identity but he’s still not completely out. He chose to put his career ahead of himself and went to great lengths to keep his secret from the public eyes.WillTellKevin

But then came along Kevin, the out and proud gay, a successful country singer songwriter. He’s the perfect example for Will to show that he could have it all by being himself. Of course it took a while for him to accept this and he fought Kevin on everything, because he was scared to see the truth.

The first kiss they shared was already so sweet and had everyone rooting for him, because this would be perfect, wouldn’t it? A guy that knows like no other what the journey is like and can show him it doesn’t have to be like it is now.

But then came the moment after they had spent the night together, Kevin had a date planned with someone else. And everything seemed to come crashing down. Right away Will put up the walls again not to show his feelings and hide his true self by pushing Kevin away.

WillTellsKevin2The reason why I found myself rooting even more for Will when he finally went to Kevin’s house to tell him how he really feels, was because he put himself on the line. He finally put himself first and didn’t care about what others thought. He made himself fully vulnerable as he told Kevin what he thought.

And my heart swelled at him smiling through teary eyes as Kevin told him the guy wasn’t there and he’d rather spend the night with Will. He gave a real smile, not the fake one used by upcoming country superstar Will Lexington. Kevin sees him for he truly is and he needs that so bad.

It’s exactly what the journey has been for and he deserves this happiness and the freedom of being himself without caring about others judging him. It’s hard not to care about what others think and have them accept you for who you really are. In one way or another, we’ve all experienced this. And in away, I feel related to his storyline more than others and I’m grateful to the writers and of course Chris Carmack for telling this story.

It will remain a long and hard journey for Will Lexington, but I believe in him and I hope Kevin sticks around for season 4, so we can have more beautiful and real moments like this one.



  1. I am going to miss it this Summer but can watch it on my tv cried when Deacon told Rayna he had Cancer Loved it when they got back together they can not let Deacon die

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