Nashville Season 3 Finale: We Talked!

Nashville’s season 3 finale aired last night and as usual, part of the fun was joining the live-tweet party. For those of you who took part and still going over your feed and for those who haven’t, here’s a taste. Now, we only need to get through the summer until the party start again When Nashville returns with season 4 (!!!) in the fall:)Β 

About Nashville ForeverΒ 

Emotions were high to begin with:Β 

And Everyone tried to get Ready:Β 

You can feel the love for Beverly from miles away:Β 

In This cancer story and in general. Give this cast an Emmy already (!!):

And with All the Drama Rayna had to meet Juliette:

Rayna and Deacon, Rayna and Deacon, Rayna and Deacon:

He Keeps Doing it:Β 

Normal Confusion:Β 

Will came out finally!! and twitter rejoiced:Β 

What’s fair is fair:

That’s just fact:Β 

Β Can’t wait to watch where Juliette and Avery story will develop. I’m not the only one:Β

Jonathan Jackson’s performance got special attention (rightfully so):

And Juliette? Well….:Β 

And Now you REALLY got on the nerves of almost EVERY MOTHER EVER:

Everyone’s a potential donor:

Twisted Jeff and Layla:Β 

Thank god for Luke (sorta):

Scarlett is cute (and Caleb is a cute transitional guy):Β 

Scarlett And Gunnar, you crazy kids with another gorgeous song:

How will we know otherwise the it’s a season finale? We need stability people:

By the way:Β 

These girls…lucky they still have the energy to sing:

THAT cliffhanger (Deacon lives! He lives, OF COURSE HE LIVES!!! Right?):Β 

Fans have some strong thoughts about Deacon and the nature of these bad news:Β 

The Tribe Has spoken:Β 

Random thoughts:


YES to that:Β 

And ALL of us now:


At the end Callie Khouri summed it up perfectly:Β 

Now what? Sleep, rest, rewatch, discuss..and repeat until September. For moral support, information to feed your love/obsession (thin line) during the hiatus join the visit Nashville Forever: Site, Facebook,Twitter. It’s much more fun together

Public service Β (trust me, you’ll need it):Β

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