Nashville Gets Us: Fan Favorite Season 3 Moments

ABC network did the right thing and renewed Nashville for a season 4. Now all we have to worry about is the on-screen drama and how to get through the summer hiatus in a relatively stable state.That also brings me to the following question: When did that happen???? Season 3 has just begun, right??

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It’s only a moment ago that Rayna took selfies, won all the CMA awards and picked out wedding dresses for a wedding with the wrong man. It was only yesterday that Deacon believed his broken heart was his biggest problem, Juliette auditioned for a movie, cried  through the audition and found out she was pregnant while Avery took Deacon’s old role as the town’s drunk and only sobered up thanks to community service and a VERY concise text message. Last time we checked Scarlett was about to leave town, ZAG was alive and kicking, Layla was a realty star, Will used men strictly for his “physical needs”,  99.9% of us hated Luke. Daphne didn’t have a care in the world, Maddie didn’t have a boyfriend, Teddy made stupid choices and Jeff was a horrible human being. Well, the last two are still true.

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And now, look at them! Rayna’s saving one artist at a time and bribing people for a liver; Deacon is…sorry, no, can’t talk about it without crying; Scarlett is singing (but not talking) with Gunnar; Juliette and Avery are parents and it’s VERY complicated and…you can fill out the rest.

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One thing that hasn’t changed is that Nashville still produces incredible music. Another thing that stayed the same is how much we love the show and appreciate it.

So, instead of crying the end of the season, let’s celebrate the season that was. We look back ant some of the best moments and songs from the season as chosen by you, the fans and by us (also fans by the way).

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Have a great summer and remember our motto: There’s no such thing as too much Nashville talk or rewatch.

1, 2, 3….go!

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  1. When Rayna ask Deacon to sing with her at the Opry, and he reveal he had cancer to Rayna. The cabin scene with Deacon and Rayna was the best season 3 scene for me. Love Love their song The Rivers Between Us and Surrender, they song both so beautifully together.

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  2. There have been so many in season 3 but there are a couple that stand out the first being when Deacon was at his AA meeting and he was talking about how scared he was about dying and not getting to see Maddie grow up among other things and how overwhelming it was and then when Deacon was at the hospital after the liver transplant was cancelled and Maddie wanted him to promise her that he wasn’t going to die and he told her he couldn’t make that promise. Those two moments for me defined Deacon.

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