Nashville Talk: The Signs that You’re a Nashie

Nashville hiatus is a complicated time for us, Nashies. On the one hand, this heighten reality during the season is fun

but also exhausting so we need a little change of pace in order to recharge and rewatch Nashville season 1,2, 3. We need to refresh our memories, fact -check and see what we may have missed when we were overly excited. On the other hand, we are dying flatlining anxiously waiting for Nashville season 4!

About Nashville Forever 

Thankfully though, the Nashville fans community is not on hiatus so at least we have fellow Nashies to share our thoughts and feelings with. For us, as a community, it’s actually the hiatus time that allows us to bond more since it gives us more time to listen, construct sentences that are made of more than OMG, LOL or WTH with less capital letters and exclamation marks, rewatch together old episodes every Wednesday and play games.

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Last night we played on twitter a little game that Amy suggested called “You know You’re A Nashie When”Can you relate to the answers or add one of your own? 

And finally: 

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