And I just Fade Into You

“Little did I know 3 years ago, when I was zapping on my TV and found a gorgeous redhair & a hot dark haired man with an awesooome scrub in an elevator, sharing one of the most epic kisses I’ve ever seen, the impact that TV show called Nashville would have in my life. If there’s a word to summarize it, that is MAGIC It introduced me, an Argentine girl born in the Southern Pampas of Messi, to the MAGIC Kingdom of Country Music in the MAGIC Music City of Nashville, through the MAGIC story of Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne, And through it to a MAGICAL cast & crew, all sorrounded by the MOST MAGICAL MUSIC! And last, but not least, it introduced me to the most MAGICAL group of fans in the world: the #NASHIES. So I share a toast for Nashville ABC and this absolutely well deserved CMT Award. If a show & cast has ever made an INTERNATIONAL IMPACT, this is Nashville ABC. We, International Nashies are the living proof of it. Long Live Nashville ABC! Love, Caro, Argentina

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