A Life That’s good the next generation

“I’d like to congratulate the entire cast of Nashville for being presented with the International Impact Award. This cast has and continues to amaze me as I admire their talents. The show moves me as they deliver emotional performances every Wednesday night. I’ve fallen in love with the music and the characters. I love that it is filmed in Nashville because it makes it so much more authentic and unique from other shows. The writers, creator, director/s, and entire crew deserve the recognition for their creativity and hard work as well to satisfy their large, dedicated fanbase that has spread all over the world, bringing people together to talk about a show we are so passionate about. Many of us have become friends. I honestly can’t say there’s been another show that I’ve felt so strongly about. It has it all; great music, humor, emotion, drama, and quality characters. I will forever be a Nashville fan!” Holly, Michigan

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