Nashville Receives an International Impact Award from CMT

On a personal note: I wrote a post couple of days ago on Callie Kouri’s birthday but it applies to the entire show so I’ll repost it here:
The reason I gave Nashville a chance in the first place was because I found out Callie Khouri was the creator. Few years in, after temporary relocating to Nashville, Tennessee I know this supposedly insignificant choice to start watching a new TV show about a city I knew very little about before, was probably one of the best I ever made and I would like to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for creating a world where people like me are being represented. No, I’m not a musician, not a country music expert, not a Southern and not even an American, but watching it from the other side of the world; I felt, for the first time, pieces of myself – As an artist, a full-realized woman and an adventure.
TV is full with so-called regular people like you and me – Doctors, lawyers, LOTS of cops, couple of politicians, journalists and educators. It’s also full with superheroes and serial killers or just crazy people. But what about the rest of us? The people who don’t walk the line but are still human? If we’re represented we’re usually completely crazy/very eccentric/part of a fantasy world as if being an artist or with an artistic soul is not valid and something that sentences you to a very lonely and miserable life or just life at the fringes of society. Nashville changed that! It put a focus on artists and artistic people and made them regular people -so simple and yet, so revolutionary.
Their complexity is very human and relatable and the best part? The most complicated ones are women. They are so different from one another but they all have a clear voice and room to grow. That’s what I needed: Not a guidebook on how to become an artist or a woman but a space to be that and feel whatever I choose it’s OK because the only opinion that matters is my own. For so many viewers around the world (and especially women) Nashville made it easier to dream and inspired them to become the best authentic version of themselves. For that, I and others are forever in your debt. ‪#‎nashvilleforever‬

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