The River Between Us

“I decided to watch Nashville, because I needed something that could cheer me up, and I thought Nashville was the perfect choice, it had music on it (I actually thought that the series would be a lot like Glee because of the songs) and it had Connie Britton on it, basically it had everything, so if that couldn’t cheer me up nothing would. The day I started Nashville was the 26th of March I can’t express how much this show has changed my life. I literally watched 14 episodes the first day. FOURTEEN!
The moment when I knew that this show was going to be really special (like no show had ever been) to me was when Juliette sang with Deacon Undermine. I don’t have a really good relationship with my mum, and that song summarized our relationship in a way nothing has ever done before. AND ALSO RAYNA AND DEACON MY GOD THOSE TWO. (I think I shipped them since the bridge scene) THEY MAKE MY HEART HURT. The first day watching Nashville ended up with me crying myself to sleep while I was listening to Rayna Jaymes’ Stronger than me’, really that a song summarized my situation perfectly. I felt so vulnerable and alone, that song was my friend for that night… Nashville has really changed my life for the better, with their stories and most of it all with the music; every song has a really special meaning for me. It has helped me through everything,
Really, it made me feel a little less alone, there are no words to express how grateful I am for this show.”
Rue, Spain

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