Founded in 2014 Nashville Forever is a site dedicated to ‘Nashville’ – The TV Show, city and the idea of it. Thoughts, stories, sights, sounds and inspiration.    

My name is  Shira Gur and Nashville inspires me. For me, it all started with Nashville, the TV show (read the full story HERE), but once I arrived to Nashville, the city is expanded far beyond that.  These days, it’s mostly about the city and the idea of finding your own voice through a creative community, since the TV show went on a direction that no longer inspires or interests me.

Nashville Forever is a reference on Friday Night Light’s ‘Texas Forever’. There, it was used to celebrate roots and staying true to a certain set of values. For me, Nashville is the other half of it – it’s the wings. Nashville helped me spread my wings and Nashville Forever is my way to celebrate and further explore it.

This site is divided into 3 sections:
One Show – Archive of past episodes and cast concerts reviews; characters and selected scenes commentaries; reflection on songs from the show.
One Town– Introduction to the Nashville songwriters community, guides to Nashville and stories from my journey there.
Endless Dreams – inspiration for the creatives among you, personal stories about the journeys Nashville inspires by yours truly and members of the Nashville Forever community.

More content coming soon!


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If you have questions or suggestions, contact me with the form below. 

Welcome aboard,

Shira Gur

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