Scarlett O’connor


It’s (Almost) All About The Hair – Thoughts on the relation between hair and female characters on Nashville (Editor: Characters:  Scarlett, Rayna, Juliette)


CLARE BOWENPrefers to Whisper  (Guest Writer: Character: Scarlett/ part of The Nashville Characters Defense )

CLARE BOWEN AND JONATHAN JACKSON AND SAM PALLADIOBorrow My Heart Thoughts on the moment Scarlett finally found her place on stage. Season 3, Episode 9 ‘Two Sides to Every Story’ (Guest Writer/Character: Scarlett)


CLARE BOWENIt Ain’t Yours to Throw Away Thoughts on Scarlett and Gunnar’s journey on Season 2 . Season 2, Episode 22 ‘On the Other Hand’ (Editor/Characters: Scarlett and Gunnar)

CLARE BOWENIt’s Very Complicated  Thoughts on Scarlett’s emotional rollercoaster and her growing pains. Season 2, Episodes 1-16 (Editor/Character: Scarlett)

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