Reflection on Nashville songs, Live Concerts reviews, introduction to the real life Nashville songwriters community and more.

LIVE Concerts 

Watching Nashville in Concert in London with my Daughters By: Tora Liliedahl (Nashville Tour 2016 – London, England) 

Nashville Tour 2016 in Austin Texas: Music, Promised Lands and Guarders of Dreams  By: Shira Gur (Nashville Tour 2016 – Austin, Texas) 

Nashville Tour 2016 Brings Nashies Together In Chicago By: Amy Wilson (Nashville Tour 2016, Chicago, Illinois) 

Nashville On The Record 2: A Look From a Fan’s Perspective By: Lee Newton (Nashville On The Record 2) 

Nashville Tour 2015: Concert Review – Nashville Stars Shine in San Francisco By: Eleanor Gorman (Nashville Tour 2015, San Francisco, California) 

Songs From the Show

Nashville Music Matters: A Life that’s Good  By: Shira Gur (The Journey of A Life that’s Good on the show tells us what Nashville is all about) 

Nashville Gets Us: I’m On It  By: Tora Liliedahl (The song that made Tora fall in love with Will Lexington and Chris Carmack) 

Nashville Gets Us: The Rivers Between Us By: Eleanor Gorman (A watershed moment takes Nashville home) 

Nashville Music Matters: I Know How to Love You Now By: Amy Wilson (Deacon’s defining moment is a song)

From TV to Real Life Nashville

Between the Show and The City: Is There More Than One Deacon Claybourne in Nashville?  By: Shira Gur ( There’s a real life Deacon Claybourne in Nashville and his name is Travis Meadows)

Music That inspires art and life 

Nashville Music Matters: From Generation to Generation By: Sara Salitan – Thiell (The music of Nashville awaken memories, creates memories and connects between generations)


Art Inspires Art: On the Process of  Creating a ‘Nashville’ Fan Video By: Suvi (Nashville music and stories inspires the creation of music videos) 


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