Deacon Claybourne


Is There More Than One Deacon In Nashville? – About the blurred lines between the show and the town and the real life Deacon Claybourne- Travis Meadows  (Editor: Characters: Deacon)


Maddie’s Story Is Really About Rayna – Thoughts on Maddie, Rayna and their relationship  (Editor: Characters: Deacon, Rayna , Maddie)


3 Sides To A Nashville Proposal – Thoughts on Rayna and Deacon’s relationship  (Editor: Characters: Deacon, Rayna)


A Perfect Mess  CHARLES ESTEN(Guest Writer: Character: Deacon/ part of The Nashville Characters Defense )

CHARLES ESTEN AND LENNON STELLA“Show Me The Way” – Thoughts about Nashville Season 3 Episode 19 ‘The Storm Has Just Begun’ Closing Scene (Editor/Characters: Deacon, MaddieRayna and Juliette)

CONNIE BRITTON AND CHARLES ESTEN AND LENNON AND MAISY STELLA“Are You Ready For This?”  Thoughts on Rayna and Deacon on Season 3 Episode 16 ‘Can’t Keep Away from You’ (Guest Writer/Characters: Deacon and Rayna)

CONNIE BRITTON AND CHARLES ESTENA Watershed Moment Takes Nashville Home Thoughts on “The Rivers Between Us” Season 3 Episode 15 ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ (Guest Writer/Characters: Deacon and Rayna)

CHARLES ESTENChristmas, Rayna, Deacon and the Truth 3 Thoughts on Rayna and Rayna and Deacons’ relationship on Season 3, Episode 9 ‘ Two Sides to Every Story’ (Editor/Characters: Deacon, Rayna, Luke)

CHARLES ESTEN“You Gave Then Us”  Thoughts on Rayna and Deacon’s ‘Us’. Season 3, Episode 9 ‘Two Sides to Every Story’ (Guest Writer/Characters: Deacon and Rayna)

CHARLES ESTENThe CMA’s Love/Hate Fest Love Connections on Season 3, Episode 8 ‘You’re Looking at Country’ (Guest Writer/Characters: Deacon, Rayna, Luke, Avery, Juliette)

CHARLES ESTENThe Texting Solution Thoughts about Juliette’s decision to text Avery important news (Editor/Characters: Deacon, Juliette, Rayna,  Luke ,Will, Layla)

CHARLES ESTEN AND LENNON STELLAI Love You Dad Thoughts on Deacon and Maddie’s relationship. Season 3, Episode 3 ‘I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life’ (Guest Writer/ Characters: Deacon and Maddie)

CHARLES ESTEN AND LENNON STELLADeacon in Teenage Hell  Deacon’s challenges as a father to a teenage girl. Season 2, Episode 2 ‘How Far Down Can I Go’ (Guest Writer/Characters: Deacon and Maddie)

CHARLES ESTENI Know How to Love You Now Thoughts about Deacon’s song about Rayna and his performance at the Bluebird. Season 3, Episode 1 ‘That’s Me Without You’ (Guest Writer/Character: Deacon)


CHARLES ESTENA Life That’s Good How one song tells an entire story. Season 2, Episodes 4, 9, 21 (Editor/Characters: Deacon, Rayna, Maddie and Daphne)

CONNIE BRITTON AND CHARLES ESTENIs it Too Complicated? Thoughts on Rayna and Deacon’s relationship on Season 2 and our hopes for them. Episodes 1-16 (Editor/Characters: Deacon and Rayna)

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