Will Lexington


Three Songs and The Truth – Thoughts on Nashville Season 4.05 ‘Stop the World (And Let Me Off) (Editor: Characters: Will, Rayna, Layla, Juliette, Maddie, Luke)


nsh311_WillBehind a Broken Smile (Co-Write: Editor and Guest Writer/Character: Will/ part of The Nashville Characters Defense )

CHRIS CARMACKWhen Love Give You A Way Out  Thought about the moment Will Lexington finally fell in love. Season 3, Episode 19 ‘The Storm Has Just Begun’ (Guest Writer/Character: Will)

CHRIS CARMACKWill Lexington is On It How one song made us fall in love with Will Lexington and Chris Carmack. Season 2, Epsidoe 15 ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ (Guest Writer/ Character: Will)

SAM PALLADIO AND CHRIS CARMACK AND WILL CHASEI Can’t Help My Heart Thoughts on manhood and bromance. Season 3, Episode 13 ‘I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong’ (Editor/Characters: Will, Gunnar, Luke)

CHRIS CARMACK6 Lessons We Learned from the CMA’s  Thoughts on The CMA’s Awards. Season 3, Episode 8 ‘You’re Looking at Country’ (Editor/ Characters: ,Will, LaylaRayna, Luke, Juliette, Avery, Gunnar)

CHRIS CARMACKThe Texting Solution What would’ve happened if everyone on Nashville start texting. Season 3, Episode 5 ‘Road Happy’ (Editor/Characters: Will, Layla, Juliette, Rayna, Deacon, Luke)


It’s Complicated Thoughts on Nashville’s romantic status including Will. Season 2, Episode 1-16 (Editor: Characters: Will and ensemble)

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