Happy New Year 2015- From Me to You

It’s new year’s eve so allow me to get philosophical for a minute.

About this Blog

There are two things we can all count on in this world. One is that everything changes and the second is that at the same time some things always stay the same. Summer turns into Autumn and Autumn into Winter and Winter into Spring. No day is like the day before but still at the end of this cycle Summer comes again…and again. Everything in our world is made out of the ever lasting and the ever changing. That makes us very strong because we can always count on the fact that tomorrow is another day. But it also makes us fragile because nothing last forever and we never really know what tomorrow will bring.

So what do we do? We just…live and do our best.

That’s where art and music comes in. For the moments where we don’t want to (or can’t) “just” live. When we want to get inspired and reach new places; when we want to celebrate; when we want to remember and when need to forget; when we need courage and comfort and when we want to feel that we’re not alone. This is our “medicine” for this duality of life. That, and love.

Nashville is such a fun (and some say a little silly) show but it’s also a show that gets it! Nashville gets the fear that comes out of wanting so much of this life without any certainty, the despair that can come from feeling everything so deeply and the beauty from watching it all come together for precious moments. It gets the struggle, the frustration, the thin line between failure and success (and the many ways to define failure and success), the love, the humor the absurdity, the humanity of it all and of course the music.

It’s a show about a city that is rooted deep in the american culture and its history that is constantly growing and changing and the people in it. The new versus the old, the nostalgic versus the innovator, the art and the artistic versus the business and the businessmen (and women) and the music that brings them all together.

So in the spirit of Nashville and the end of another year which is also a fresh start I leave you with the lyrics of “We Got A Love’ that Lennon and Maisy Stella (AKA Maddie And Daphne) sang to Rayna in the infamous rehearsal dinner. In a true Nashville fashion, on the surface, it was just a sweet song, but when you listen closely you see there’s so much more.

Wishing for all of us a happy new year (and a full season 4 for Nashville!!!) and for these gentle words to carry you all the way to 2015. Thank you for making this year so special to me and see you all on the other end with lots of words, music, fun and..surprises 🙂


What do you need that you don’t have?
What have you lost and can’t get back?

What if I promised it’ll be alright?
It’ll be alright
‘Cause we got a love

We got a candy-apple red
Sweet and steady as a heartbeat love  
Me and You
We got a love

We got the will of a tall pine
Once-in-a-lifetime love  
Me and You

The darkest cloud will split and fade
And every tear will wash away
And I’ll hold you close ’til the sun comes out
Baby, can you see it now?
We got a love

We got a hope like a new spring
Patient like a porch swing love
Me and You
We got a love

We’re as free as a blackbird
True as the good word love  
Me and You

So what do you need that you don’t have?
What have you lost and can’t get back?
What if I promised it’ll be alright?
It’ll be alright
‘Cause we got a love
Me and You





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