You’re Good Enough

“I’m a lonely California girl, who Loves Loves country music and I’m always feeling like an outcast cause of my choice of music, so much that I started turning to a different genre of music to fit in. I mean I would listen to country music here and there but it was not my number one choice for music anymore. My aunt told me that I needed to watch Nashville, I kept telling no, no thank you. 1 I have to many shows that I’m already trying to keep up with, I certainly can’t add another to the list. And besides its a country Drama and I’m turning from country music, why she ask? Cause I’m looked at funny cause of the choice of music I like. Well then all the more you need to watch Nashville! Well, I told her maybe, she kept on I finally gave and in and watched one episode and I was instantly HOOKED! Thank you Callie Khouri Dee Johnson, ALL the writers, ALL the staff and most certainly the Cast with Nashville I found my love for country music again!” Kaneisha, Lancaster, California

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