Nashville Episode 5.04: Those Mundane Things

And in this week’s Nashville discussion Shira Gur and Tora Liliedahl talk about love, loss, music, faith, those mundane things and one creepy stalker. In other words, read our thoughts on Nashville episode 5.04 ‘Leap of Faith’.

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We Have Thoughts

Shira: Thought it was a “classic” sweet Nashville episode. Lots of heart and music that frames it all.

Tora: Yes. It is nice drama. Not breathtaking, but very enjoyable.

Shira: True. Is it too much to ask though for someone (say Rayna) put on some sparkle and get up on stage? I need that boost of energy.

Tora: Talking about finding out new things. The show tends to wrap up small things like Maddie/Daphne earlier and Juliette and Avery at least defined themselves as lovers again and Will broke up with Kevin. So I don’t feel I know where the show is going to go next, which is a good thing. I don’ like it too predictable. Before you would know where the story would end, but it was a hell of a road getting there. Now the ride is slower, smaller bumps and I’m actually not quite sure where it will lead. Except for the stalker thing that is hovering, but we’ll talk about it later.

Shira: I completely relate to what you say about the direction of the show. They wrapped up the old stories and now seems to go in a direction of changed new dynamics.

Will has FOMO

Tora:  Loved that we got the end montage back and loved Will’s song.

Shira: Yes! Loved it too. Will’s song somehow made me think about the time Luke Wheeler sang ‘If I Drink This Beer’. Back then Luke threw a party then for publicity but exposed his real emotions on stage. Here Will switched songs and took off his hat, which is in some ways, a symbol of his on-stage persona.

Tora: I was thinking about him taking off his hat too, and what it means. And yeah, the hat is that mainstream cowboy that he wants to be, but the hat doesn’t always fit.

Shira:  Have to admit, although I loved Kevin and Will together, I understand why it happened. It sucks but doesn’t feel forced.

Tora: I also think the breakup was done well and made total sense. Will’s story is classic, although I did not know it was called FOMO 🙂 Really cringed when Kevin was knocking on Gunnar’s/Will’s door. It was so painful to watch Will, but it worked. And I also like that it is not about him being gay anymore, there are other things and coming out to the public does not mean that there is not more to discover about himself, whatever that might be.


Juliette and Avery Have lots of feelings  

Tora:  Avery is funny and love how Jonathan and Hayden manage so well to be funny and sad within the scenes: “This is just my face” and “Oh, I guess I never noticed.” But seriously, he needs to stop talking so much about his feelings!!  Too much talking, too little action on his part. Well, well, he made up for it later.

Shira: Too true. Poor guy, he’s an emotional wreck

Tora:  Juliette needs to be more responsible though, not throwing medicine around when she has a baby in the house.

Shira: Well, judging by her eating habits that includes pink macaroni, and bread with no crust I’d say she’s not much older that Cadence…

Tora: Lol. True.

Shira: Glad Avery and Juliette are back together though and when they finally had sex it was a very sweet and sincere moment. Loved that little smile she cracked when he took her in his arms to the bedroom. The “I know what’s about to happen and I like it.”


Deacon has Rayna

Tora: Deacon really has to find his own thing! He is always hanging around Rayna, lurking. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was the stalker.

Shira:  Hahaha. Deacon needs to find a hobby that doesn’t include Rayna. I love their relationship how it is now and personally think his love for her is a big part of his appeal as a character, but starting to think he doesn’t really leave the house.

Having said that, their whole dynamic at the Bluebird, and all that mundane things we have craving for. The scene when they came back home and got ready for bad was probably one of the most adorable ones they ever had. Rayna applying body lotion and Deacon shirtless, that kiss next to the mirror (very Tami and Eric Taylor of them) and doing all of this while discussing business – hot!!

Tora: Yes!! I love the everyday setting, like the one with Rayna and Deacon and the pajamas, which was pure gold.

Shira: Speaking of this mundane gold mine. Maybe I was too distracted by the Rayna’s lotion but did Deacon’s scar miraculously disappear? Love heals, I’m telling ya’.

Tora: Difficult to see actually, but with these two love probably healed it real good.


Rayna Has Highway 65

Shira: Always loved the Hwy 65 stuff but so far this season enjoy it more since they really deal with the day-to-day reality of running a business. I have a problem when TV shows try to be “important” and take a stand by making “inspirational speeches” or explaining to me why something matters. I prefer watching a story unfold and connecting the dots myself. So I enjoy they show Rayna struggle and how does this struggle looks like instead of just informing us they’re short on cash.

Tora: Yes, wants stories to unfold like that as well. Wish sometimes they speed up a little bit to have time for more parallel stories, on the other hand that would mean we wouldn’t have Rayna and Deacon is pajamas.

Shira Scarlett and Gunnar didn’t have too much to do too last night but loved that thanks to this new pace we heard the whole song (without cutting to other scenes). The meeting in Highway 65 with the British director, though seemed like an inner joke or something. Do feel like they’ll have plenty to do when they film it.

Tora: For sure missing some Scarlett and Gunnar drama and yes, didn’t know either if that director was a joke or not. Speaking of them and Highway 65, but I hated that music video example Rayna showed Bucky. Thought it would be some demo video someone sent in that they were going to sigh at.

Shira: Funny you mention that video. I personally didn’t mind it (loved the song, just didn’t pay too much attention to the video) but while watching it, until she expressed her opinion, couldn’t decide what Rayna thinks about it.  Is it another example of pretentious new Nashville artists she can’t relate to or something she loves? They need to give me better guidelines for Rayna’s taste.

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She also has a Stalker (and we hate it)

Tora: Ok, so I take back what I said last time that I liked Randall. Totally creepy now, it just over-the-top. He is back to being constructed and one-dimensional. Zach is nice, but Things that seem to be too good to be true usually are.

Shira: The moment Bucky said she shouldn’t worry too much about the crazed fan was the moment I started to worry though. Sorry, but it’s Rayna Jaymes! No one messes with her!

Tora: I don’t enjoy it hovering over our heads and we the show’s new direction where it’s a slow burn, this story is creepy.

Shira: It sure ain’t fun. The one thing I cannot and will not forgive the show as a viewer is if they kill Rayna.  Can we be over and done with it already…and in a good way??

Juliette has her…prayer?

Shira: Wasn’t sure I’d mention it but it bugs me: From a storytelling perspective, was the church scene really necessary? I know some will disagree but, to me, the scene where she got back to church and learned how to pray seemed redundant.

Tora: It was not the most mesmerizing scene, no, and they need to move along with this storyline. I do like the ‘survivor’s guilt’ aspect of it. Not that she was saved by God and need to be good person now, but make it more about her feeling guilt about surviving and need to do something to handle that.

Shira: Yes, I like it as well and feel the same way! For Juliette especially, I think the ‘survivor’s guilt’ aspect is so profound since she has an issue being rescued or helped in general. This is the woman, who declared she believed she was trailer trash! But her scenes with Avery and the physical Therapist were far more powerful.

I hate saying that but I keep wondering if that’s a CMT thing like stories for shock value were ABC. I know religion is a sensitive issue, but the facts are she already sang about it, talked about it and looked for her guardian angel and it’s not like she never stepped in a church before in her life,  so that whole conversation about how to pray felt forced.

Tora: Yes, agree, it could be so and didn’t like that either, the how-to-pray-conversation and those scenes are not what is pushing the story forward, but the scenes you mentioned. I actually really enjoyed Juliette’s scenes in this episode!

Shira: Me too! Contrary to last week when I thought it was mostly boring, I really loved her scenes this week (minus the praying lessons). Oh, and think it’s time for another Rayna and Juliette scene. Why go to Church when you have Rayna nearby?

Tora: Exactly! Well, she has a habit of turning to Rayna in dark moments, so let’s hope for that!

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One comment

  1. Was this review just posted? I’ve been looking for it for a while, and I swear I didn’t see it on the front page.

    Anyway, I love your review, and I agree with just about everything. Though I didn’t feel like last week’s episode was boring in any way. I loved Juliette and Avery getting back together; however, I wanted to know why Avery changed his mind, and I wouldn’t have minded if this “dragged” on for another ep or two. It makes sense for him to be gun shy.

    I really wish they had shown Avery working on his music. It really bugs me the way the show is setting up things and then not addressing them for several eps down the line. Same with Rayna and Deacon’s album. That was a huge deal in 502, and so far, it hasn’t even been started.

    I also agree that Rayna should put on the sequins. Or someone should. So far, there hasn’t been enough music or performing. The show feels like it’s about a bunch of people who have music hobbies and don’t earn their living playing music. And I want more music. We need more Bluebird, Ryman, stadium tours, something.

    And yes, Deacon has no goals, same as Gunnar. These guys are so far just props for their women. Avery is about the same was with Juliette. I don’t like them being sidelined.


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